IKEBANA in English

One day lessons for  short-term visitors



Regular lessons for expats living long-term in Japan

This is a fun, at home type of Ikebana class. Sogetsu Ikebana has two sides . One is traditional Japanese style and the other is a form of modern art. Through Sogetsu  Ikebana you can enjoy both understanding Japanese culture, and creating modern art.

If you are interested, please come for a trial lesson.

Trial fee: 2000 yen  90min.


Regular Lessons  are offered by appointment.

After the trial lesson, the student can choose to continue lessons. There is a one time material fee due for the first class. This includes a level 1 textbook, scissors and plastic sheet. Once the student finishes the beginner textbook, they can purchase the intermediate level book, and later the advanced level. Please review the fees below:

Lesson fee : 4000yen (including flowers)  / class time – 90 min.

One time materials fee:

Text book           1,620 yen

Scissors                3,240yen

Plastic sheet          700yen


Classes are offered in two locations, Shinjuku and Karuizawa. To make an appointment at either location please contact:

email flower87@mind-e.com